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MooR FasT® threads a rope through a buoy ring or marina cleat up to 2 metres away from the safety of your deck and brings it back on board. The unique MooR FasT® “Claw” will even scoop up rings and shackles that lie flat.
MooR FasT’s simple push-pull action makes it easy to use on buoys, in marinas, pile moorings and in locks - in fact almost anywhere you need to moor. Examples of
MooR FasT® in use in different mooring situations are shown under the “How MooR FasT® works” button above.

MooR FasT® is a complete, ready-to-use mooring system. Manufactured from h-itech materials and built to last in a marine environment, the design has been carefully researched and tested by boat owners worldwide.
MooR FasT® head has a lifetime guarantee against breakage in normal mooring use.

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