About MooR FasT®

After just three years in the industry, MooR FasT® have captured a major slice of the mooring aid market.

MooR FasT® (Marine) Ltd was formed in 2002 by two yachtsmen from very different boating backgrounds, but with a common problem. Both needed to find a simple and effective solution to mooring up when cruising single or short-handed. Frustrated by the absence of a single product that could cope with the different types of moorings and marina cleats and bars that they were trying to deal with, they took the classic option and designed and made one themselves.

Having successfully tested the prototype on virtually every type of mooring encountered on a two-month Summer cruise along the south coast, they made a quick decision to exhibit at the 2002 Southampton Boat Show and from day one the product has sold continuously.
In the 2004 season, the company started selling into the UK chandlery market and began an export drive which currently has a total of over 50 stockists listed around the world from Australia to West Mersea.

Why has
MooR FasT® been so successful?

Keith Hunter, Managing Director of
MooR FasT® (Marine) Ltd explains. “Right from the start we set out to make a marine product that would perform and survive rigorous use in a hostile environment. The hi-tech, light but tough materials we specified meant that the ladies, who frequently end up with the job of mooring, find the product easy to use and control, even when it is extended to the full 2 metre length. It even floats if you do drop it overboard. And everyone likes the ‘lifetime guarantee’ we give every product. It’s our way of saying that we are confident that, in normal mooring use, the MooR FasT® just won’t break. If a customer does manage it, we immediately send a replacement”. If you want to know what customers really think of the product, take a look at their comments on the MooR FasT® website at www.moorfast.com/testimonials

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