Complete and ready to use, MooR FasT® threads your own mooring line through or around almost any mooring from the safety of your own deck and brings it back on board.

To use the MooR FasT® , simply attach your own mooring line to the end of the MooR FasT® feeder line. We recommend using a sheet bend or a double sheet bend. Extend the telescopic pole to the required length locking it with a twist action. Giving a light pull on the feeder line helps to check that the gate is correctly located in the head. Ensure that the mooring line is free to run out. Push the ‘claw’ arm of the head through the centre of the mooring ring or cleat, opening the yellow ‘gate’. Continue pushing until the gate has sprung shut again. Pulling the MooR FasT® back will thread the feeder line through. Continue pulling to bring your mooring line back on board.
Alternatively, you may tie your own mooring line directly to the
MooR FasT® gate. A Bowline is an appropriate knot to use. Note that heavy and/or stiff mooring lines may be more awkward to thread from a distance and pull back aboard. You can also use the MooR FasT® to help you to ‘lasso’ a cleat or bollard. Click the link below to see how.

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