Testimonials - see what people say about MooR FasT®
    John Bennett from Chester:
    " --- a brilliant design. I wish I had bought one years ago. "

    Terry Hunter from Chiddingly:
    " Well done, the MooR FasT® is simple and effective. I am impressed. "

    Gear on Test - Verdict from Sailing Today - June 2003:
    " A clever, deceptively simple device that often makes mooring a safe and easy process when otherwise it might not be. Dont confuse it with a boat hook, but do give it space on board. A welcome present for you or your crew. "

    Nice Comments from MooR FasT Owners from Southampton Boat Show 2003:
    " We have had three different makes of mooring gadgets, one of which is the MooR FasT®, and it is by far the best. Mr Birchall Commodore, Holyhead Sailing Clubs and Classes. "

    Tom Grievson CBE from Milton Keynes:
    " I bought one last year - its brilliant. Its never let me down. I even managed to moor to a buoy with the MooR FasT® at its fullest extension, using a 22mm warp "

    Jackie Hallowes from MacGregor Yachts International Ltd:
    " I love it. I think it's the best thing ever invented. "

    Mr & Mrs Atkinson from :
    " I dont mind picking up the mooring now - Mrs Atkinson. Brilliant and simple - Mr Atkinson. Owners of a 12-ton Biscay yacht. "

    from a disappointed Suzy Gouldson:
    " We are so sorry we didnt see yours first. "

    from Frank Kelsey, who went cruising with his MooR FasT:
    " We could have sold one a dozen times over in Brittany. "

    from Mr Stops, Channel Island 22 Owner:
    " Its brilliant - wouldnt be without it. "

    from Alan Gilcrest:
    " So easy to use and keeps my partner in sailing. "

    from Mr & Mrs Maclaurin-Pratt, Southerly 115 owners:
    " Fantastically easy to use, especially on the east coast rivers. "

    from Peter Hood, Moody 31 owner:
    " Its just a magic piece of kit! "

    Chris George from Southampton Boat Show:
    " Brilliant piece of kit - wouldnt be without one now "

    Mrs B J Hallett, from Southsea:
    " At last, a mooring device designed for women. Ive been looking for this for two years and now it has solved my problem. "

    Tom Langley from Suffolk:
    " I purchased your MooR FasT® device and have put it through many tests and it proved to be 100% reliable--------- You really do have an excellent product which will make life aboard that bit more relaxed and safe. "

    Dr Barron - from the Southampton Boat Show 2004:
    " All the other mooring devices have now been abandoned, yours is the best product "

    Christina M - from the Southampton Boat Show 2004:
    " Its the best gadget I have ever bought. "

    Anne Marie Westwood - Moody Owner - from the Southampton Boat Show 2004:
    " Bought one two years ago, its fantastic "

    Mr Pederson -"Sue Two" from Fleet wood Marina:
    " Bought one a year ago and have treated it rough, but its guaranteed to get your mooring every time. "

    Mrs Sally Dingle from the Southampton Boat Show 2005:
    " Wonderful piece of kit "

    James Collins from the Southampton Boat Show 2005:
    " The best thing on the boat, we moor quickly and get to the pub faster. "

    Jim Fursdon - from Teignmouth:
    " After several failed attempts to pick up a swinging mooring, the boat following us picked up a neighbouring mooring on the first pass using a Moor Fast. Decided must have and bought one. "

    from Westerly Consort :
    " Every boat owner should have one! "

    Mr Meike from Ledgend of Cumbrae:
    " It was blowing hard off the Isle of Arran. We deployed our MooR FasT and were moored up with the kettle on before the Irish boat behind us had managed to lasso their buoy after 4 attempts. His comment was "that's cheating….!" "

    Jeremy Bradshaw-Smith from Vancover 36, Thetis of Taymar:
    " It's easy to use, efficient and a great help "

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